Architectural competition for the concept development of the former tractor factory plot in Volgograd

Organizers: Union of Moscow architects, Volgograd region administration.
Adrress: Russia, Volgograd, Dzerghinsky square 1
Architects: Andrei Nikiforov, Dmitry Boukatch, Nikolay Nikiforov
The project is named after the village Jourkowka, which was located on this site before. The concept is based on the following ideas: functional diversity of development, density and compactness of urban spaces, fragmented and disjunct living environments lack, well-developed pedestrian and bicycle network, availability of basic services close to home.

Total site area:
Gross area:
residential development:
public buildings:
350 ha
2 168 000 sq.m

1 680 000 sq.m
488 000 sq.m