International architectural competition for the concept design of the residential plot on
the site next to "Samara Arena"
Client: LLC "Preobraghensky dvor"
Organizer: International academy of architecture (IAAM)
Address: Russia, Samara, crossroad of Moscow highway and Alma-Atinskaya Street

Architects: Andrei Nikiforov, Nikolay Nikiforov
Visualization: Egor Zlobin

Total site area:
Gross area above the ground:
Apartment area:
Number of apartments:
9.3 ha
149900 sq. m
85210 sq. m
A grid that is rooted in the territory has a number of advantages which would be wise to use. Thus, the task was reduced to finding the optimal types of development. The proposed solution is not the only possible option, but according to the set of characteristics, it seems optimal for this site and can serve as a starting point for the development of the entire territory.